What Is Sustainable Fashion? And Why is it important?

There are many definitions describing “sustainability” in fashion.  However, with a carbon footprint accounting for over 10% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, there’s no secret that the fashion industry needs to make some changes to help save the environment.

I did some research online and I found that, according to several fashion experts, one of the most acceptable definitions of sustainable fashion is: an industry built on social justice (safe working conditions, and fair wages), animal welfare, and ecological integrity.

Sustainable fashion is important because (and not only):

  • Creates less waste
  • Ensures fair wages and proper working conditions
  • Reduces CO2 and other greenhouse gases emission
  • Saves water
  • Protects animals

I hope this information brought some clarity to the topic of sustainability in fashion.  Next time, I will share with you some different types (or categories) of sustainable fashion.


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