Rewards Program


Dear Loyal Client,

We are thrilled to introduce the CARLA SHAW REWARDS PROGRAM, our way of expressing gratitude to our dedicated clients who share our commitment to style and sustainability. 

The CARLA SHAW Program is designed with simplicity in mind:

  • Earning Points: Starting on February 1st, 2024, for every $1 spent at CARLA SHAW, you automatically accrue 1 point. Please note that the points exclude taxes; Example 1: item purchased is $96 and after taxes you pay $102, your total points accrued are 96. Example 2: item purchased is $50.  After a 10% discount, you pay $45, your total points accrued are 45.
  • Reward Milestone: Upon reaching 500 points, you unlock $100 in store credit. You will receive a unique CODE to redeem at your next CARLA SHAW purchase of $100 or more.
  • Points Guidelines: Please note that points cannot be combined with other offers or accumulated over 500 at a time.  Example: you make a purchase of $800. You earn $100 (towards your next purchase) plus 300 points.
  • Shopping Flexibility: Whether you shop online or in person at the CARLA SHAW store (in Wellesley, MA), points accrue seamlessly, without having to "sign up" for it, or to open an account. Just ensure you always use the same email at checkout - as the points associated with different emails cannot be combined.
  • Code Expiration: Code expires within 90 calendar days from the day it is issued/distributed. Points, however, do not expire.

Your loyalty is truly appreciated, and we want you to relish the rewards that come with it. Thank you for choosing CARLA SHAW; we recognize the array of options available, and your decision to support us means the world.

Enjoy your rewards and continue being a valued part of the CARLA SHAW community.

Thank you, Carla & Team


Disclaimer: Program can be terminated or modified upon notification.